Tuna Brick

For 1 person :

-Preparation : 5 min

-Baking : 3 min



Fresh tuna – vinegar – parsley – coriander- 1 egg – Brick sheets – oil – salt – pepper.


How to prepare ?

Cut the tuna into cubes of about 3 cm on the side and sprinkle with the vinegar, without overemphasizing. Add salt and pepper. On the other hand, roughly chop flat parsley, a few sprigs of coriander, and mix with an egg beaten omelette.

Next, spread it on two sheets of brick, place the pieces of tuna in line on a dozen centimeters, fold the sheet of brick and roll to form a sausage.

As a last step, add oil using a brush and go to the middle oven for nearly ten minutes. It seems lighter than diving into the frying.