Caramel & Dried Fruits Pie

-Preparation : 60 min

 -Rest : 120 min

-Baking : 60 min

 -Difficulty level : Easy




Sweetened Almond Paste

125 gr of soft butter

-210 gr of flour

-85 gr of icing sugar

-25 gr of Almond Powder

– 1 Egg (50gr)

-1 Vanilla pod

-20 gr of Cream Butter for Creamy Caramel-Mascarpone circle 2 g


How to prepare ?

Put the butter, flour, icing sugar, almond powder, egg and salt in a bowl. Then, melt the vanilla pod and add the seeds. Mix everything with the Maryse.

As soon as the paste becomes homogeneous, form a ball without much work. After that, pack it well and store it in the fridge for about two hours.

The sweetened almond paste can be kept for few days in the refrigerator. So you can prepare it in advance, or keep what is left for a second