Benefits Of Garlic

Thanks to its phenolic acids, garlic acts as a powerful antiseptic of both the digestive and the respiratory system. Its fluidifying effect on the blood as well as  its ability to dissolve small clots would slow the evolution of atherosclerosis. In addition, its active ingredients sulfur dilate the coronary arteries, helping to prevent angina pectoris.

If you consume garlic regularly, it will help prevent cancer of the stomach, colon and rectum and be effective against intestinal worms. Furthermore, and Thanks to its natural ingredients : inulin and prebiotic, It facilitates digestion by promoting the development of intestinal flora.

Besides, It is worth mentioning that garlic has a preventive and therapeutic effect against the cold. It is also rich in  vitamins A,B,C and E and contains allicin : the antibiotic molecule.         

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